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The Story of She Crazy Tho

I began TikTok in July of 2020 as a way to monitor my teenage daughter’s page. It has slowly become an outlet for me to share my experiences in life through video. 

          My childhood was challenged by my mother’s drug and alcohol addiction. In an attempt to provide a living for myself and my 2 older sisters, my father was forced to move around in search of employment. The trauma I experienced as a child made me who I am today. I have learned to speak openly about my past as a way to help others in times of need. The slogan “STRONGER THAN MY WEAKNESSES” stems from my ability to become better amidst the challenges I have faced.

          As an adult I endured a very toxic relationship with my first husband that included drug abuse, adultery, and mental anguish caused by constant narcissistic behavior. Our marriage lasted 6 years and we had 2 beautiful children, Landon and Kaylee. The relationship between him and our children as well as myself and him have been limited to his ability to interact cordially. This experience has also allowed me to speak openly about toxic relationships and give both women and men strength to see past their own challenges. The slogan “BE TOXIC FREE” is my movement for a toxic free life.

          10 years ago my son, Preston, was born medically dependent with a diagnosis of short gut syndrome. I have devoted my life to becoming his full time nurse and caregiver despite my lack of medical knowledge prior to his birth. Preston is thriving despite the many physical and medical challenges he faces on a daily basis. I have shared our story to encourage other medical families to find strength in their daily trials. The slogan “PRAYING FOR PRESTON” is for the world to support our medical journey. 

          Since starting TIKTOK I have found the world to be both a cruel and kind world. There are a lot of people who cast stones on strangers especially without taking the time to know one’s story. I have received both negative and positive feedback from my page and my story. I started “TIKTOK MOM TEAM” as a way to join together women encouraging women on this platform. This is simply meant to be a movement of positivity of women supporting each other on a platform that can sometimes discourage and judge us.

          For me personally TIKTOK has given me strength and a voice to be heard. It has become a personal playing field where I can share my struggles and not feel alone. A place I can sit down and write a short story to otherwise “vent” and be heard. It has also given me the opportunity to help others to not feel alone. This world can be harsh and discouraging but I hope to bring encouragement, love, hope, and laughter to the world through my art of videos.

                   Thank you for supporting my journey. 

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